A fictional setting for Mutants and Masterminds*

By the year 3100 AD humankind had explored the extent of the Sol System. A rogue planet that had been discovered heading towards the system had been studied and found to host advanced sentient life. As this planet entered our system, humanity prepared to accept it's new visitors. We were shocked to learn this alien life looked almost just like us. They called their homeworld Nibiru, and informed us that this was not thier first time on our planet. Nibiru exist in our system, though it's orbit around Sol takes 3,600 of our earth-years to complete. These Nibirians had not only been influencing humanity every few mellennia, but had genetically modified the primitive spiecies they discovered here to create homo-sapiens. Of course, this news did not set well with large minority of religious humans, but the scientific community confirmied it to be true. Impressed by how much we had advanced on our own since thier last visit, the Nibirians granted us the knowledge and ability of interstellar travel. Humanity took to the stars and began exploration of the Milky Way. We discovered several advanced sentient races across the galaxy. By the year 3300 AD, Earthlings had become a known presence in the Galaxias Kyklos, the Milky Way Galaxy.

The following pages will describe the systems, races, and factions in Galaxias Kyklos along with everything you'll need to play this setting with Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Ed. A good place to start would be the timeline of events leading up to the point when the campaign will start. The information in Systems and races will expand on this.
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